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In Western Europe, we like skiing. And when one feels like skiing, he travels to the mountains. That's quite a ride, it's expensive and only possible a few months a year.

Ski lovers have an alternative: the inddor ski. Current ski domes unfortunately do not provide the same sensations due to short slopes, small drops and the unpleasant feeling of skiing in a tunnel.


A grand project

Snowgames is to be built in Lessines, 50km West of Europe's capital city Brussels, in 3 old and adjacent stone quarries, totaling 220.000m²

A unique project

The atmosphere inside the park Snowgames recreate a true resort experience. Snowgames will be the largest indoor ski resort in the world. As the mountain, it will attract skiers and non-skiers.

Skiers can enjoy their sport of snow in the grounds of a former stone quarry under a large dome "sky blue" bag. No structure or pillars that clutter tracks.

Non-skiers will devote themselves to climbing on rock or ice and enjoy the fitness center.

Everything to find the ambiance and relaxation of the mountain.

3d view of the indoor ski resort Snowgames

A real alpine village

In addition to its unique and magnificent ski area the Snowgames Mountain Theme Park features a real alpine village built on the rocky hillside of an adjacent quarry.

The alpine village will offer retail and catering facilities, themed restaurants and bars, après-ski, a spa with an extensive wellness area including a large pool, saunas and jacuzzis. A mountain themed 100-room hotel will make on-site overnight stays possible and will attract both the private and corporate business.

Snowgames, an ecological project

Snowgames will be more than three times more energy efficient than any existing indoor ski resort. Its unique location (hole in the ground), the thermal insulation capacity of the rocks and the use of proven but performing technologies will reduce its annual energy consumption to the level of one single London-Sydney jumbo jet return flight.


Nouveau logo et nouveau site

Comme vous avez pu le constater, une nouvelle communication, lisible sur mobile et tablette avec des informations plus précises sur le projet.

Travailler chez Snowgames

Il est encore un peu prématuré de parler embauche au stade actuel, mais il sera prochainement possible d’envoyer vos candidatures.

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Project concepteur :

Jean-Marc Wellens
21, chemin des Peupliers
7800 Ath
0032 68 28 19 36